Research & Innovation: Reaching New Height with RolaShades

Singapore - Home of RolaShades since 1991, and now expands to 6 more countries: Malaysia, Hongkong, Vietnam, India...

Singapore – Home of RolaShades since 1991, and now expands to 6 more countries: Malaysia, Hongkong, Vietnam, India…


RolaShades founded in 1991 is headquartered in Singapore, and now expands to 6 more countries, including: Malaysia, Hongkong, Vietnam, India, Myanmar and Cambodia.

RolaShades – the Specialist in Shading Solutions provides customized solutions for the ultimate window treatments, including the most challenging, unique and odd opening of world’s iconic and artistic building designs.

Freedom in design for your Work-Live-Space comes with RolaShades.

RolaShades Regional Network

Being Asia’s fastest growing architectural shading treatments manufacturer, RolaShades backed by reputable partner-suppliers is strategically position to ensure your project being on target cost and on-time.

With RolaShades’s World-Class Shading Solutions, you will be part of increasing number of prestigious name buildings, growing list of luxurious homes worldwide. Your dream creations and imaginations combined with RolaShades’s international experience created innovative solutions to every design and customer need, through the use of RolaShades’s extensive range of flexible and adaptive systems for every views and space created.

Respecting your views with freedom of choices and solutions by RolaShades.

Research & Development

In close collaborations with our fabric and material suppliers, RolaShades is committed to ongoing Research and Development to develop cutting edge, efficient and intuitive systems that last longer and offer ease of use and in support of maximizing sunlight with nature’s comforts.

State-of-the-art hardware and intelligent smart control technologies and experience built up over more than 2 decades, with constant innovation and refining customized systems that not only offer solutions, but offer peace of mind have resulted in RolaShades being the specified and preferred supplier.

Freedom of time is yours with RolaShades.

Our Mission

RolaShades values customers as partners. So we strive to customize sun-shading and screening innovation flexibility towards ultimate design and affordable solution with any given challenge. RolaShades is committed to our partners worldwide with world-class screening systems. Accepting trusts to perfect every view seriously.

We shoulder every design detail and work with you to evolve practical and flexible solutions that are aesthetically pleasing.

Freedom to experience happiness comes with RolaShades.

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