Sky Shade

Sky Shades offers both pre-engineered and custom-designed sun protection and comfort to skylight structures for both residential and commercial use. Not only as decorative coverings, Sky Shades also reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees and cut cooling costs by as much as 33%, while protecting you and your interior from UV damage and green house effects.

  • Customized for shading comfort to all types of Skylight openings
  • Large horizontal system up to 100m2 covering, available for any skylight design.
  • Available in Straight Fabric Tension and Roman Wave System or Designers creations.
  • Reduction of harmful UV-ray while protecting your interior
  • Enjoy natural sunlight, minimize heat, and conserve energy
  • Available in both AC or DC (solar-powered motor) energy operation
  • Low-noise tension technology with aesthetic appearance
  • Automatic program to sense and reduce direct sunlight in daytime, and enjoy moonlight in nighttime
  • Can be installed in the interior or on the exterior skylight
  • Interested in our sample, specification or system drawing? Question about your architecture wants and needs? Please send us an email and we will reply to you shortly.